A new generation of Microcarriers

Carroucell’s microcarriers are suitable for use “as is” in many applications. However customization provides an excellent way to optimize culture yield, decrease cellular mortality and aggregation. The customization implementation is simple efficient and will fit any cell culture.

The following challenges should be addressed.

Cell cultures in a mass scale are going to be crucial in the next decade… With some issues
to resolve: Up-scaling this industry means optimizing every process.

Reducing cell mortality.

Increasing the Culture Yield

Optimizing cell harvesting

In the biotechnology market we need:

Fast cell growth

Lower cost

Better adaptability.

What is our innovation ?

Our patented solution with the flat shape and its unique composition provides an exclusive
flexibility for the cell culture. Years of research and development resulted in a microcarrier
presenting the following advantages:

1 g of our microcarriers

Equals to 5 to 10 grams of traditional microcarrier.

5 to 10 times

More surface culture


Cell harvesting and optimization of the cell separation.


Cell viability

Carroucell brings the microcarrier in the center of the cell culture. The new generation Microcarriers enable a spectacular performance optimization of the culture.