Our Company

Carroucell is an industrial company whose activity is based on a major innovation in the field of sol-gel process. Our patented innovation, which breaks with traditional processes, allows the production of glass and ceramic objects and matrices with dimensions, form factors and microstructures not achievable by using existing technologies.

This innovation is important because it brings a substantial improvement on the nature of the product and on the industrial model of the sector. Despite this substantial change, Carroucell microcarriers do not involve any modification of the process or the working environment of the users

Under these conditions, Carroucell vision is to become a leading player in the evolution of bioproduction. The introduction of our innovation on the market can bring a change in the competitive structure of the sector and in this evolution Carroucell plays a key role.

Specifically, Carroucell is positioned at the center of the complex environment of cell culture in bioreactors. The existing complexity due to the different types of bioreactors, the different culture media and the increasing number of applications requires a new approach to ensure the balance of the system. Carroucell plays here a role of regulator by ensuring the optimization of the system. 

With Carroucell, the microcarrier is no longer considered as a simple consumable. Especially in the field of cell therapy, it becomes a factor that determines the transition to massive industrialization and the democratization of new applications.